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--Just a few days ago Keyshia Cole shared images to Instagram that looked like she was enjoying a good time with NFL player Antonio Brown, expressing that she misses him "a lot." The images sparked dating rumors that AB has since shot down, most recently in a "disrespectful" manner, according to Keyshia. 

In an Instagram Live video shared by The Shade Room Tuesday, AB told the 40-year-old singer, in a not-so-nice way, to leave him alone. "Keyshia Cole, you know, I'm a player man, we don't want you, Keisha. Stay off my ****, you heard."  

Keyshia responded that she was "big trippin" for showing him love. "I have a 12 year old. Like that type disrespect for what.. Nothing is worth that level of disrespect, especially when u don't deserve it..."

The back and forth started when AB posted a video of what appears to be his initials tattooed on a woman's body with the caption, "You Ain't Pimpin Until You Hit An RnB Diva."

--As a result of the race-fueled Buffalo supermarket shooting last weekend, civil rights attorney Ben Crump is calling on President Joe Biden to pass the anti-Black hate crime bill. 

Speaking to ABC News' Linsey Davis on behalf of Ruth Whitfield, one of the 10 victims, Crump urged the president to work with Congress to pass legislation to help protect Black Americans from the continued acts of senseless violence.

"We're going to fight to do what they believe their mother would want," Crump said standing alongside Whitfield's children, as reported by The Shade Room. "That is to get some positive change to come from this tragedy. That's why we're saying to President Biden and the United States Congress, pass the anti-Black hate crime bill."

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Ben Watts/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, 2022 Swimsuit issue on newsstands May 19

Russell Wilson is yet again expressing his love and affection for his wife, Ciara. 

Taking to Instagram to congratulate the singer for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover spread, the Denver Broncos quarterback shared the stunning cover photo and penned a sweet message to the singer. 

"Momma! We made it!" Wilson joked of the 36-year-old's inaugural SI cover. "You are not only the most beautiful woman in the world, but your heart, your kindness, your love for others, your ability to make the world dance, your a big time CEO, an incredible wife and mother!"

Wilson continued, "You Inspire me!There is nothing you can’t do! Worth more than Gold! I love you baby! Congrats Cover Girl!"

Feeling all the virtual love, Ciara commented back, saying, "I love you so much baby! ❤️"

In the official announcement of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue on Monday, Wilson shared a couple excerpts of Ciara's recent accomplishment. Not only did he acknowledge the "beautiful angel and powerful woman" she is, he also spoke of his wife's inspiring ways and kind heart. 

"She inspires people because she connects with them," he said. "I remember our first visit to Seattle Children's Hospital, when a mother of a boy who was ill held on to her for a good five minutes without letting go. That's the kind of woman Ciara is -- a ray of light."

Ciara's stunning cover and gallery of images were shot by Ben Watts in Barbados, with cover photo swimsuit by LaQuan Smith

The 59th installment of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue hits newsstands this Thursday, May 19. 

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Jack Harlow better watch out!

His recent comments regarding his lack of knowledge about who Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Brandy is may have gotten him into some drama. But it's all fun and games, especially for Brandy, who jokingly responded to the "First Class" rapper who said he didn't know she and Ray J were siblings. 

After watching the viral interview clip where Jack Harlow asks, "Who's Ray J's sister?" Brandy tweeted, "I will murk this dude in rap at 43 [years old] on his own beats and then sing [h]is a** to sleep."

While the iconic singer could very well give Jack Harlow a run for his money, she posted a follow-up tweet saying, "See, I can have a little fun too hehe…all love."

Jack Harlow's revelation sparked lots of conversation over the internet last week. While many recognized his young age as the reason for the lack of knowledge, his comments were also met with backlash. 

When Grammy-winning singer India Arie got wind on the video, she took to social media to express her feelings about it. 

"Just because you make Black music doesn't mean you know Black culture," she wrote in a post shared by The Shade Room. "If U don't know Brandy's voice when you hear it … WHO EVEN ARE YOU?" she said.

She continued, "WHEN AN ACTUAL MUSICIAN! WHO MAKES BLACK MUSIC! Deduces one of the industries MOST IMPORTANT VOICES @Brandy to Ray J's SISTER? who is famous (mostly) for his Proximity to Kim Kardashian."

Responding to Brandy's clapback on Tuesday, Jack Harlow posted an image of Brandy and Ray J accompanied by Kanye West's 2005 track, "Bring Me Down," on which Brandy sings the chorus. 

Bet Jack Harlow won't ever forget Brandy's name now. 

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Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

John Legend is speaking out about the rise of racist conspiracy theories across the U.S. and demanding major news networks deplatform those who spread them.

Legend's comments were made after an 18-year-old white man carried out a mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket on Saturday. Ten people were killed in what authorities describe as a "racially motivated hate crime."

Authorities say the shooter was motivated by a racist, far-right conspiracy theory, called the "great replacement theory," that claims white Americans are being intentionally replaced by minorities and immigrants. Legend is now pushing anyone who expresses support of the theory to lose their platform.  

The Grammy winner shared a video of Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson seemingly supporting the theory and wrote on Twitter, "Tucker and similar proponents of this evil ideology continue to poison the minds of millions."

"They have contributed to multiple terrorist massacres and will continue to do so. This is sickening and dangerous," the "All of Me" singer continued. "This should not be on a major cable network."

Legend continued in a follow-up thread, "Followers of this ideology have been massacring Jews, Blacks, Asians, Latinos. When will we ostracize and deplatform these terrorist sympathizers on our TV and social networks?"

The New York Times investigated claims of Carlson pushing the "great replacement theory" on his show and found he has claimed in more than 400 episodes that the Democratic party is using it to "force demographic change" in the country.

The Voice coach asked in response, "In no other context would a terrorist sympathizing news anchor be allowed to continue to spew this nonsense as the body count continues to mount. Why do white supremacist terrorist sympathizers get a pass?"

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Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

New York City and the landmark Empire State Building will beam red and white on May 21 in honor of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls on what would've been his 50th birthday this Saturday. 

As part of the official celebration, a lighting ceremony will take place on Friday, May 20, that will include Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace; his children, CJ and T'yanna Wallace; longtime friend and fellow rapper Lil Kim; and other close friends and hip-hop luminaries. 

In commemoration of the late rapper, the Barclays Center will feature a video montage of classic Biggie records which will be displayed on the oculus above the arena's entrance. For those planning to travel to the venue by way of NYC public transportation, a special edition MetroCard featuring the Notorious B.I.G will be available exclusively at three subway stations near his old Brooklyn neighborhood: Lafayette Avenue, Clinton - Washington Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. 

The celebration will continue into June's Black Music Month with an orchestral tribute to Biggie at the Lincoln Center, which will feature a special musical guest. The black-tie event will be free to the public and will also be livestreamed on Amazon Music's Twitch channel on June 10. 

Also available on June 10 will be a 25th anniversary vinyl version of Life After Death, Biggie's diamond-certified, Grammy-nominated second and final studio album.

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Sheryl Lee Ralph and Janelle James of the hit ABC comedy sitcom Abbott Elementary joined Good Morning America's Robin Roberts and T.J. Holmes Tuesday morning to chat about the show's upcoming second season. In addition to revealing why they wanted to join the breakout series, the stars say one of the "easy" parts of being on the show is working alongside the special ensemble cast. 

"We all just came right together," Ralph said, speaking of the group of stars, which includes show creator Quinta Brunson and actors Tyler James WilliamsLisa Ann Walter and Chris Perfetti.

"I really think that a lot of that has to do with Quinta," she said. "Quinta really handpicked each one of us and put this cast together."

James agrees. She shared her thought that each character is relatable, even hers -- the antagonist school principal, Ava Coleman. 

"Everybody's had that boss, where you get to that level and you're just like, 'How did you get this job?' So it like reaffirms, like, 'Oh, I'm not crazy. These people exist,'" James said.

On how she became apart of the popular series, James says it was the compelling script, as well as the "hilarious" pilot that drew her in. And while she did audition for her role, the comedian joked that she'd "clean up in the background if that's what needs to happen."

As for Ralph, the 65-year-old actress -- who also vied for the role of Principal Coleman -- says she realized how special the show would be during a moment shared with James Williams while taping the pilot episode.  

"We both looked at each other and we were like, 'Whoa, something is really happening here.'"

Ralph described that moment as someone "stirring a pot of magic."

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Nick Cannon took to Instagram on Monday to announce the release of his new R&B album, Raw&B: The Explicit Tape, expected to arrive this Friday. Along with the revealing cover art, which features his on-and-off again girlfriend, model Jessica White, the Masked Singer host says he's got "another special announcement coming soon."

Following some fans' thoughts that the album cover reveal "was another pregnancy photo shoot," IG users immediately speculated that Nick will soon announce a new baby on the way. 

"Yes he is the father AGAIN lol," one user wrote. Another commented, "Congratulations on the pending baby announcement."

The reactions may come as not much of surprise to many, considering Nick is preparing to become a father for the eighth time. On The Nick Cannon Show in January, he shared the news of his latest addition, a baby boy with model Bre Tiesi. Nick also opened up about the passing from brain cancer of his infant son, Zen, whom he shared with Alyssa Scott

Regarding his music, the 41-year-old star told E! News he's being more "open" and "vulnerable" than ever before.

"So I think through this, people will actually get a chance to understand me more," he said. "Because I know I'm difficult to understand, I know I'm unorthodox in many manners, I know I'm not ordinary or typical by any means."

While waiting for Raw&B: The Explicit Tape to drop this Friday, we'll have to also patiently wait to see what exactly Nick's special announcement is.

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Disney/Roger Erickson

If you haven't yet had a chance to check out the new Disney+ movie Sneakerella, here's a quick synopsis: think Cinderella but with female empowerment, a fairy Godfather and instead of the coveted glass slipper, it's a hot sneaker that's left behind. The modern-day musical takes viewers on a reimagined journey of the classic fairytale, infusing hip hop and sneaker culture throughout, on the search for the sneaker's owner, El, played by Chosen Jacobs.

Director Elizabeth Rosenbaum told ABC Audio the script's theme of sneaker culture was a universal one and while the story had no "race or ethnicity assigned to any of the characters," the most fitting main star was Jacobs -- a young Black boy from Atlanta who in real life loves sneakers just as much as El.

"Sneakers transcend everything, no matter where you're from," Jacobs said. "I love Air Forces. I can go to Nebraska and find someone who's immigrated from Japan and they're [also] like, 'Oh, I love Air Forces.'"

Jacobs says no matter your age, race or religion, any and everyone can relate to "putting on that first-day-of-school outfit … your shoe was a big part of that."

What's really "dope" is the story's broad range of representation, says rising star Lexi Underwood, who plays mogul-in-the-making Kira King. "The mere fact that it's sneakers, music, culture -- all those things bring us together and make us a community," she said.

The 'OG' of the cast, NBA legend John Salley, can attest. Having grown up a part of New York's preeminent sneaker and fashion world, he said the film speaks the language of the arts. And just as The Wizard of Oz follow-up The Wiz resonated with its generation, today's kids are "going to say Sneakerella before they say Cinderella." 

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.


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Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Former White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre held her first briefing in her new role as press secretary on Monday afternoon. 

Upon taking the podium to address journalists' questions -- the first Black and openly gay woman to do so on an official basis -- Jean-Pierre opened the briefing by mentioning the names of the Black lives lost in Saturday's Buffalo supermarket shooting.

Replacing former press secretary Jen Psaki, who served in the role under President Joe Biden from January 2021 to May 13 of this year, the Fort-de-France, Martinique, native acknowledged the historical accomplishment and honored those who made the feat possible. 

"I would not be here today if it weren't for generations of barrier-breaking people before me," she said. "I benefit from their sacrifices, I have learned from their excellence. I am forever grateful to them."

In an emotional speech from the podium in which she announced her departure earlier this month, Psaki welcomed her successor, saying, "She will give a voice to so many."  

Almost a year ago this month, Jean-Pierre anchored her first White House briefing, where ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Mary Bruce asked her about making history at the podium.

"It's a real honor to be standing here today," Jean-Pierre said. "I appreciate the historic nature, I really do, but I believe that being behind this podium, being in this room, being in this building is not about one person. It's about what we do on behalf of the American people."

While Jean-Pierre will be the first Black woman to officially hold the title, she is preceded by Judy Smith, a deputy press secretary who took the podium in 1991 on behalf of President George H.W. Bush.

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Rich Polk/NBC

Burna Boy is burning up! 

Following his mainstage Billboard Music Awards performance of his recently released single "Last, Last" and "Kilometre" -- both off his upcoming album Love, Damini -- the Grammy Award-winning superstar announced the Love, Damini tour set for this summer. 

Kicking off on July 17 in Barbados, the tour will continue through July 31, making stops in Detroit, Houston, Boston and finally in Atlanta. 

In a recent Billboard cover story, the Nigerian singer, whose birth name is Damini Ogulu, hence the album title, opened up about the upcoming sixth album, selling out Madison Square Garden and his "mission to bring his passion for his homeland to the world's biggest stages."

"I'm reflecting on everything ...," he said of his 31st birthday coming up on July 2. "... What I'm doing and what's happening where I'm from. Where I'm from is a part of where I'm going."

Part of where Burna is going is one of the nine announced cities he'll hit on tour; you can view the full list below. 

Presale tickets will be available starting tomorrow, May 17, while general sale tickets can be purchased beginning Friday, May 20, both of which can be found on Burna's official website

7/17 -- Barbados, BH, Bridgetown (Festival)
7/21 -- Detroit, MI, Aretha Franklin Amphitheater
7/22 -- Minneapolis, MN, Armory
7/23 -- Chicago, IL, Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island
7/24 -- Houston, TX, Toyota Center
7/27 -- Irving, TX, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
7/29 -- Boston, MA, Leader Bank Pavilion
7/30 -- Montreal, QC, Osheaga (Festival)
7/31 -- Atlanta, GA, State Farm Arena

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Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Over the weekend, rapper Remy Ma was joined by Fat Joe, among others, to unveil the new Bronx Walk of Fame street sign, presented in her honor by Bronx borough president Vanessa L. Gibson. Remy, who was also recognized as a Bronx Walk of Fame inductee, reflected on her career and life journey, detailing some of the obstacles she faced on the road to success. 

"I've come so far from the girl that used to take the 6 train and ride the Bx22 bus," she began in a lengthy Instagram caption posted along with a video of the unveiling. "I've had to go to court across the street from where that sign is, I've lived in a shelter down the block from where that sign is, I've went to high school a few lights up from where that sign is, I debuted one of the biggest songs of my career is the stadium behind where that sign is…"

Adding that she is appreciative and "so thankful" for her current stance in life, the 41-year-old rapper said, "I wouldn't change a thing about where I've come from, and I'm excited to see where I'm going."

The exciting news came just a day after Remy and her husband, rapper Papoose, celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. In a special montage of images shared to IG, Papoose said, "Through all the up's & downs, we stuck together. Most people don’t pass the test of time. So when that happens, it speaks volumes." He added, "@remyma You are an amazing partner. Looking forward to our future!"

The couple welcomed their first child together, "the Golden Child," Reminisce MacKenzie, in 2018. 

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ABC/Gavin Bond

Lionel Richie will be honored with the Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize on Tuesday.  Ahead of the moment, the singer caught up with CBS' Sunday Morning to talk about his lifetime achievements.

Lionel reflected on growing up by Tuskegee University, where he was surrounded by Black lawyers, war heroes, doctors and more, and joked that his parents "had a nervous breakdown" when he decided to pursue a music career with the Commodores.

"You could see everyone passing going, 'Oh, there's poor Lionel. Poor misguided Lionel!,'" he chuckled. Of course, the Commodores scored numerous chart-topping singles with Richie as their lead singer, before he set off a solo career.

Lionel reflected on his success, which saw him cross into the mainstream and anger some of his original R&B fan base. "Someone asked me a question one day, 'Lionel, how does it feel that you've left your roots?'" Richie recalled. "And I said, 'Did you ask that to the Beatles? Did you ask that to the Rolling Stones? Everyone came over to borrow from us, but I can't go that way?'"

The singer also reflected on his hiatus at the peak of his career, which he took to care for his ailing father, who passed in 1990.  "It gave me an opportunity to kind of take a look over my shoulder just a little bit to see where I was in altitude. And it was frightening," he reflected. But, he added his father's death gave him a new perspective on fame.

Lionel now sees his career as an "adventure," which he says "is just an amazing ride."

He also admitted it's been 13 years since he released an album of all-new songs, but teased he'll break the dry spell "this year."

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Matt Winkelmeyer/MG22/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue )

Lizzo is manifesting her Broadway dreams.  The "Rumors" singer took to TikTok on Sunday to belt out a standout hit from Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

Lizzo sang the chorus from "El Tango de Roxanne," which is a dramatic version of The Police's 1978 hit "Roxanne."  The track has since gone viral on TikTok, with users fawning over Broadway star Aaron Tveit's phenomenal vocals.  It should be noted Tveit won a Tony Award in 2020 for playing the lead, Christian, in the musical.

Lizzo embraced her inner Christian by flexing both her vocal chords and acting chops to put her own spin on the song. She captioned her video "I think I need to be in a musical now. I’ve been on broadway tiktok and I can’t get this song out of my head."

Moulin Rouge! The Musical came running once they heard Lizzo covered their breakaway hit and raved in the comment section: "Great work, Bohemian! Now do it up the octave."  Of course, Lizzo responded with a wide-eyed blushing emoji. Musical fans also praised the "About Damn Time" singer's performance, with many encouraging her to pursue her Broadway dreams.

This isn't the first time Lizzo mentioned Broadway on her TikTok account.  Last week, when instructing people how to properly dance along to her new hit "About Damn Time," she revealed what she would have given to have been at the Spring Awakening reunion show, which saw the original cast of the Tony-winning phenomenon get together again to perform the songs during a one-night-only event.

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Mia André

Following the release last month of her album, Blue Water Road, singer-songwriter Kehlani announced the Blue Water Road tour coming to a city near you this summer. 

The 28-city North American leg kicks off of July 30 in Raleigh, NC, followed by European dates in November through December. Washington, D.C. rapper Rico Nasty will join the North America stops while YouTube singer Destin Conrad will appear during all shows. 

"what city you coming to?" Kehlani asked of her followers on Instagram Monday. "tickets on sale friday! performing Blue Water Road, It Was Good Until It Wasnt + more! text (510) 692-4419 for early password tomorrow," she added.

Citi cardmembers will have access to presale tickets starting Tuesday, May 10, while general sale tickets will be available for purchase this Friday. 

Upon its release last month, fans praised Kehlani for the vibes and vulnerability displayed on Blue Water Road. The third studio album served as the singer's fifth consecutive project to land a top-five spot on Billboard's Top R&B Albums chart. 

For full tour dates and ticket information, visit Kehlani's official website

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Mindy Small/FilmMagic/ Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Latto is letting fans know how she really felt when she watched Mariah Carey retool her smash hit single, "Big Energy."

The rap track samples the 1981 song "Genius of Love" by Tom Tom Club, which was re-popularized by Mariah's 1995 hit, "Fantasy."  While "Big Energy" has been out since last September, it received a major boost after Mariah hopped into the studio with Latto for an all-new remix.

"I think I was in shock," the rapper told Entertainment Tonight at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards when recalling watching Mariah belt her high notes. "It was so natural for her."

"She was literally just getting her makeup done like, singing. I'm like, 'Girl, are you a human?,'" Latto continued, adding that Mariah "was so cool and humble" to work with.

"So normal... I literally overthink the whole process. I was like,'What do I say? how do I act? I don't wanna do too much, I don't wanna do too little.' But she was so cool, and she made the whole process very, very fun," Latto added. "You know, this stuff can be overwhelming, she made it fun."

Latto said Mariah's support means "everything" to her.  "Mimi is a legend, and my mom and my aunts are superfans. Growing up, I remember seeing her posters on their wall, and physical CDs," she raved. "Mimi is that girl, and I got a song with her so it's all up from here."

Latto later performed her hit on the BBMA stage, though without Mariah.

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